Sweet Selfie Camera


An excellent app for editing your photos


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Sweet Selfie Camera is a great app that you can use to edit your photos quickly and easily, without any hassle. If you're looking for a photo editor, then you're in luck, because this app is a great option.

The way Sweet Selfie Camera works is very simple, letting you edit your photos in just a few seconds without any trouble. First, you have to decide if you want to edit a photo you have saved to your device or take a photo from the app itself. Once you've done that, then the fun begins!

With Sweet Selfie Camera, you can edit your photos however you want and without breaking a sweat. You can crop the photo to adjust the size or give it certain dimensions, apply a ton of filters, adjust the brightness, adjust the contrast, apply a blur effect to make it more dramatic, add stickers or text in different colors and fonts, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Sweet Selfie Camera is a great choice if you need a photo editor for Android. Try it now and discover everything you can do with it!